Unlike most Spa’s, we don’t believe in a “waiting room”, because once you arrive, your experience begins. So, upon arrival, you’ll step into our “Welcoming Room” where you are able to relax and unwind prior to beginning your treatment sessions. This is where you can relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly (or something a little lighter if preferred).... where you can take whatever time you to need to let go of the outside world. Perhaps you just need to put your feet up and breathe. Or maybe you’d find a guided meditation or chanting session helpful to get you ready to receive your treatment. Or, as many of us have experienced, sometimes traffic (or the boss, the kids, the spouse, etc.) has you on edge, and you’d like to get some of those things off your chest before you begin your treatment session. In the Welcoming Room, you’ll take the time you need. The way we build the schedule, there is always ample time to sip champagne, do a meditation or talk about the things that are weighing on your mind before we even enter into the Spa Treatment Room. This time is yours to be as quiet or as chatty as you’d like to be, with someone there who will give you your space, or share the space with you in the most compassionate, patient and understanding of ways.

And when you’re ready…


Everything in the Spa Room has been custom designed to enhance your experience here. With warm purples and greens (the colors that promote the deepest relaxation), candles and spiritually centering artwork, entering our Spa Room is like being enveloped in the most perfect cocoon. This room is never used for anything but the pursuit of healing and relaxation and you can feel it the moment you step inside. Beautifully custom blended aromatherapy will immediately begin to create a calm for you. A beautifully upholstered couch takes the place of the usual “side chair”, giving you yet another comfortable and serene place to sit and relax before or after your treatment. Inside the Spa Room, amenities abound, such as hot stones, paraffin wax dip, moisturizing treatments, chromatherapy and aromatherapy.

When your treatment concludes, you are welcome to relax as long as you’d like in the Spa Room, take a refreshing shower, or venture out onto our private secluded…


Unlike traditional Spa’s, where you leave the tranquility of your treatment room and venture back into the general population of the other Spa guests… here, you will be welcomed out onto your own private Relaxation Verandah, where you can lay peacefully in the sun or in the ample shade and sleep, meditate, read, sit quietly or even enjoy further conversation with your healing Practitioner, who will be delivering some post-massage refreshments to you.

How you enjoy the space, is completely up to you! But the one thing you won’t have to experience is the feeling that we all get at traditional Spa’s when we’ve completed our treatments of: “your time is up, and it’s time for us to focus on the next client”! There will be no other clients – only you. And we will continue to be here to continue your journey of relaxation until you’ve decided you’re ready to move on.