Message from Jeffrey

Hello! And welcome to the creation of something I’ve long dreamed of! I began my work as a massage therapist in New York City at the tender age of 19 when I met a healing practitioner who shook my hand and suddenly exclaimed: “Wow! Do you have any idea how much healing energy you have in your hand?” Being a kid from conservative New England, I thought the woman was certifiably insane! But she also sort of fascinated me. What was this healing energy she spoke about? And if I had it (whatever it was), I’d sort of like to know what it was and what I should do with it.

So I began my first foray into the world of healing arts. I discovered that the warmth and tingling in my hands that I felt when I touched another person was not something everyone experienced, and that those who I touched felt that warmth and energy emanating from my hands. I discovered that as I began my technical training and learned traditional massage skills that the people I worked on all felt something beyond what they felt from the other students. As I ventured beyond my training and into practice, I found that my clients were significantly impacted in incredibly profound ways when experiencing my massage work. They felt healthier, happier, more spiritually balanced, stronger, more self-assured and often shared that they felt as if they had been freed from emotionally taxing issues that were weighing on them. And that was on top of the good old fashioned therapeutic benefits of a great massage session.

I found myself working on clients that ranged from professional athletes, Broadway and Ballet dancers, celebrities, business executives, manual laborers, students, medical professionals and virtually every other type of client you can think of. Because of my theater background I was particularly strong with clients who are dealing with the kinds of physical issues that arise from strenuous athletic activity (in both dance and sports). But I was also very good at helping my clients beyond the physical – on an emotional and spiritual level.

Over the years, my work has developed in many interesting ways. Beyond the traditional Swedish and Shiatsu work that I’ve been doing at a Master’s level for many years, I studied and developed my skills in Healing Touch Therapy, which is a powerful hands-on approach to dealing with trauma. Because I’m the kind of guy that people immediately feel at ease with and as if they’ve known for a lifetime, I’m able to create a very safe and supportive space to receive Healing Touch Therapy. I also pursued a high level of training in the Tantric Healing Arts, which is incredibly powerful and healing in it’s own way. I’m incredibly proud to have developed an entire couples massage training session and a Couples Reconnecting Touch Session that allows couples to be able to connect on a much more profound level. I’ve even been told that I’ve saved a few marriages! I’m happy to discuss any of these in more detail with clients personally. Feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to discuss any questions you may have.

In terms of the bodywork treatments that you will receive, the work I do is extremely well loved by the many clients I’ve worked on through the years. And what makes me so good is not just my training, but my ability to cater each session completely to the needs of the person in my care. You’ll get all of what you need, and none of what you don’t.

I also create a VERY safe and comfortable space for all people, whether straight or LGBTQ, or Male, Female or Gender Fluid. I encourage you to visit the linked page HERE to read more about this.