Our Philosophy

A trusted massage therapist will often also become therapist, bartender, life coach, sounding board, a warm shoulder to cry on, a compassionate confidante and an understanding friend. But unlike traditional Spa’s where the clock ticks away and the therapist’s time is limited to the length of your treatment… here, there will always be ample time for your Practitioner to be any (or all) of those things for you.

For some people, they simply want to come in and have an appointment and then get back on the road again, and don’t really care to connect with the person working on them. But in my 20+ years of experience, I’ve discovered that clients really open up to massage therapists in ways they often don’t (or can’t) in their “real lives”. Many sessions have ended over the years with my feeling like the client needs more time to connect, or chat, or let go. And in the Spa environment, the bodyworker doesn’t have that option. The time is up and they need to move on to the next person.

I wanted to create something better than that. I don’t presume to think that every client needs to bear their soul and have a shoulder to cry on every time they arrive at a massage. But on the other hand, when those times exist, wouldn’t it be nice to have the chance to connect in that way with the person who’s healing touch helped you to feel like the world wasn’t actually going to collapse around you?

Or the times you arrive at a massage appointment and have had something going on that amused you, or aggravated you, or sent you into orbit, or made you feel elated… and as you lay there trying to just relax and enjoy your massage, whatever it is keeps rolling through your head. By having the time built in to be able to share those kinds of things, it allows you to enter into your treatment session feeling free to just let go.

There are also many clients who have a terrible time letting go and relaxing. Some use meditation to attempt letting go, and others say they can’t relax long enough to get into a meditation. In those situations, guided meditation or chanting can be incredibly helpful. So having your healing practitioner take the time with you to wash away the physical world and connect you to your spiritual side can be an incredible addition to your bodywork. In our Spa, you’ll have the time for that and the option to include that, if it’s of interest to you.

Lastly, being a bodyworker and healing practitioner is a very loving thing to do. For your clients and for Humanity. To do this work well, you must have a deep sense of care and love for your fellow man. You have to be able to connect easily and quickly with strangers and to find a way to care about whoever has come into your practice. And so for all of the kinds of client situations I’ve described above, that ability is a key to making all of those situations comfortable. And for the clients who just want to relax and be quiet and peacefully alone, or to read a book or enjoy some uninterrupted time to let go, it’s a great joy to take that beyond just the treatment session and see to their full experience by having refreshments for them, and seeing to their needs as they enjoy their quiet solitude.

I look forward to sharing this with you as well! In whatever scenario best describes what you’re feeling during any given session.