Healing Practitioner for Women (Straight and LGBTQ)

In this day and age of “me too”, many women are tentative about a male massage therapist. But when that therapist is a gay male, you suddenly experience a complete freedom to let go, feel safe and enjoy your experience in a nurturing and healing environment. As a gay man, women are able to come to me and be completely safe from any kind of sexually inappropriate activity. I believe that all women are beautiful, regardless of age, body shape, race, etc. But that beauty is seen through the eyes of a gay man, which makes all women very safe here. I’d do anything for the women in my life, most especially to keep them safe. So the women who trust me with their healing bodywork session are just as protected and safe when in my presence and under my care. They’re also able to come to me and truly let their hair down, feeling absolutely no judgement from me about their bodies or their looks... only support and kindness. They say every woman should have a gay best friend… and throughout my career, many many female clients have confided that I had become like that gay best friend they always wish they had. And I think that’s rather awesome!

For Straight Men

Yes, I’m a gay man, but the majority of my male friends are straight. I also have had countless straight male clients through the years – even some that were very unsure about having a gay man do bodywork on them… until they met me. So I’m incredibly sensitive to the issues that straight men have as they settle in for a massage with a male practitioner. If you’ve read the section above, describing why I’m a great choice for women, it may have left you thinking “ok, but I’m a guy and what if you DO find ME attractive?” So let’s get this right out of the way from the beginning. I’m married and have an incredibly beautiful spouse, and so no matter how attractive you might be, I get what I need at home (if you catch my drift!). And here’s a little secret that many clients don’t realize: after you’ve seen a thousand or so bodies, the novelty wears off and you see the person inside SO much more than the way a client looks on the outside. I always tell my tentative straight male clients: when I’m working on you, I’m focusing on what’s below the skin… the muscles and tissues and bone structure and circulation. And if any of you have seen the infamous “Bodies” Exhibition that has been in various art museums around the world, that’s how I see you, so that I can do my work at the highest level. So, in other words, you’re completely safe here as well. But here’s where you get an incredible advantage with a gay male therapist who is very at home with straight men: during a session with me, you’re free to completely let go of the whole “Master of the Universe” thing. As they say “no man is a mountain”, and the truth is that all men have moments of vulnerability, weakness, insecurity, etc. With your massage therapist is often the only time many men can just let go and be vulnerable. And it’s incredibly healing. I’ve had straight men break down and cry during a session and then go out and conquer the world the next day. Sometimes it’s not even about vulnerability, it’s just about letting go and not feeling like you need to run the world. We take you on a healing journey that allows you to run your world in an even more successful way than you did when you first came in. And the last benefit of having a male massage therapist working on a straight male: You’re not attracted to guys, so you’re free to enjoy your massage experience without being triggered to want more. Many guys have confided in me over the years that when being massage by a woman, they struggle to contain their impulses and have sometimes misread signals they thought they were getting. See a male massage therapist, and boom, that problem goes away! As a male, I completely understand that certain parts of our anatomy can have a mind of their own. And while every professional massage therapist learns in school how normal that is, the fact remains that it can cause some embarrassing moments for clients. And whereas there could be the concern that the female bodyworker might get offended or react badly to it, when the guy working on you feels like an old friend, the same issue can easily be ignored (and completely understood!). Many men bring this issue up with me as a concern, and I’m happy to discuss it even further if you’d like. But suffice it to say, it happens to everyone and it’s seriously no big deal, and I most certainly won’t view it as an invitation!

And the last reason I could be the best thing that ever happened to you: you’ve heard the old saying “every woman needs a gay best friend?” In actuality, every straight man should have one, because, let’s face it, the women you date, want to date, or marry, confide everything in us. We know how to get you out of trouble. We know how to keep you out of trouble. And we have the BEST advice when it comes to winning them over. Seriously, every woman should come with a label that reads: don’t handle without the proper training from a qualified gay guy”. And because the way the spa is being structured, there is ample time for you to get that advice you might need about getting out of the doghouse. Or making a special occasion truly memorable. Or any number of things that your buddies will never lead you in the right direction on. You may never need to come here and have moments of vulnerability, BUT you may need to come here and get something off your chest like: “why the hell is she __________________”. You know who most likely has the answer to that? That’s right… a gay man! And finally…

For LGBTQ Men, Women, Transitioning or Gender Fluid

I most likely don’t need to detail for any of you why coming to a gay male massage therapist is a good choice. You know that you’ll be fully accepted for who you are and wherever you are in your life’s journey. I’m seriously non-judgmental in every way. You can be yourself with me. I celebrate you being your most authentic self with me, and am honored to be part of your journey to health, wellness, relaxation and healing.