Concierge Spa Philosophy

We Cater to Our Members as Family Cares for Their Own

A Los Angeles Escape

We all understand the hussle and bustle that is living in Los Angeles, but here, the city melts away, and you are surrounded by nature's woodlands. Once you enter the spa room, only rest, relaxation, and tranquility await you.

Feel Like Family

We are a small operation, run from the comforts of our home on purpose. We want you to feel welcome any time you are here and open to accept the love and joy that we share with our members - our family members, that is.


By remaining small, we can cater to our members in ways no large-scale spa can. Small touches like your own box of amenities are meant to remind you that this is a place of individual peace. Come here to revitalize your body, mind, and/or spirit. Let us help you melt your troubles away.